Review of The Master Of Speech by Dr. Richard Boylan

You may be interested in a book by author Shannon Dorey, recently published, that deals with some of the things mentioned on my website about Star Visitors bioengineering humans. Shannon Dorey analyzed published interviews with a Dogon Elder, Ogotemmeli, a keeper of this African (Mali) tribe's oral history, and learned amazing things, such as their visitation in ancient times by amphibious Star Visitors from Sirius, who taught them that Sirius is a triple star system, a fact only verified with modern telescopes eight years ago! The Visitors, called Nummo, also told the Dogon tribe about their (human) biological engineering origin and many other things.

In Ms. Dorey's analysis of the Dogon religion, recorded by Marcel Griaule in 1947, their religious history is clearly about the genetic engineering of humans by an alien species known as the Nummo. These beings who came from the Sirius star system are snake, lizard and fish-like beings. They are identified with the sun, and are androgynous. Given that mitochondrial DNA research has pinpointed the origin of Homo Sapiens in Africa 200,000 years ago, and that this African tribe handed down the history of their contact by their stellar bioengineers, it is possible that this contact account predates the Sumerian written history of similar visitation and bioengineering made famous by Zecharia Sitchin. You can find more fascinating information about them on Shannon Dorey's websites,,

Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S. Ed., B.A.
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