Avalon Book Review of The Master Of Speech by Kate Gooch

In the 1940s French anthropologist Marcel Griaule spent a considerable amount of time studying the mythology of the Dogon, an isolated African tribe. He interviewed one of their elders, the blind Ogotemmeli, at length, and recorded all that he learnt in his 1947 book 'Conversations With Ogotemmeli'. His original purpose was simply to save for posterity the ancient stories of the "primitive savages" before they were lost forever in the on rush of civilisation - although he soon gained respect for the lengthy training process required to learn by heart the oral traditions of millennia.

In 1995, when modern astronomers discovered the third star in the Sirius system which Ogotemmeli had described accurately to Griaule, it became obvious that the Dogon "mythology" was more than just imaginative fiction.

Shannon Dorey's new book is an analysis of all the information which Griaule recorded in the middle of the last century, in the light of the scientific advances which have taken place in the last fifty or sixty years. She concludes that intelligent amphibious beings from Sirius visited Earth in the distant past, and that they were responsible for genetic engineering experiments which modified the human species into its present-day form. She interprets the (sometimes rather obscure) stories of the Dogon oral tradition into 21st century terminology and concepts, bringing in (among many other things) Jungian analysis, DNA, the origins of world mythology, and known events of the ancient world such as the Flood. She also offers an explanation of the origin of the Zodiac, and of the snakes which appear in so many religions.

Whether to accept Dorey's interpretation of the Dogon stories, is entirely a matter for the individual reader, but the book is an interesting read for the open-minded, and anomalies such as Ogotemmeli's prior knowledge of the Sirius triple-star system are difficult - or even impossible - to explain away by any ordinary means.

I recommend you to read the book and to make up your own mind on the basis of the evidence the author presents.

Kate Gooch
Avalon Magazine
A Journal of Transformation from Glastonbury,
Issue 26, Spring 2004,
P.O. Box 3314,
Somerset, BA6 8WZ