Jupiter, Star of the Hunt December 20, 2020 by Shannon Dorey

Photo by the Hubble Space TelescopeBy NASA, ESA, and A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center) - http://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic1410a/ or http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/ releases/2014/24/image/b/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid= 32799232

Jupiter was known as the "star of the hunt" in the Dogon religion. It was a symbol of the Mistress of Speech, a Christ figure, who sacrificed herself to regenerate the Earth and humanity.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 52

According to the Dogon, Jupiter was once part of a red giant star destroyed in a botched experiment in space.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 141 The pursuit during the hunt was a metaphor for the red giant star (Jupiter) expanding into space and swallowing everything around it.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 8

The Dogon people considered red giant stars pregnants stars, which is why they identified the stars with the divine feminine and in this case the Mistress of Speech. Although red giant stars swallow existing planets and stars, they eventually spit them out in the form of gas and dust to seed new planets and stars.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 19

The four main moons of Jupiter were described as being lost planets that were destroyed during the events that happened in space. Life on the planet Mars was also destroyed.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 142

While the Mistress of Speech symbolized the planet Jupiter, the planet's four main moons were symbols of castration. They represented the fact that during the bothced experiment, we lost our second sun, our androgyny and immortality.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 18

The Dogon altar, Dana, which meant Jupiter, was made of four black stones that corresponded to the four basic elements removed during the circumcision or castration (the failed experiment), and which symbolized the four main moons of Jupiter.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 142

Jupiter was also associated with a regeneration that would eventually occur in the Solar System. The Dogon word menu, "piece" and mene, which designates a sacrifice or purification before the killing of the victim, were of the same root as me, placenta. This was associated with the fact that the death of one world provided the source for the life of another world. In other words, life was constantly regenerating itself.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 52

The Mistress of Speech was known as the Seventh Ancestor, and my research indicates that she was the source of the seven days of the week, the seven planets, the seven-branched candlestick and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 52

The patriarchal Greeks reversed the symbols of the earlier pagan religion and associated the planet Jupiter with the male god Zeus. The Romans likewise associated the planet with the male god Jupiter.

According to Robert Graves, the ancient Greeks believed it was Zeus who "swallowed the Titans, including his earlier self." Graves associated this event with the Horse's Tomb in Sparta, and the seven planetary powers of the week, which were symbolized in the seven-branched candlestick and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The Nummo and the Eight Nummo Ancestors were symbolized by horses and centaurs further associating this Horse's tomb in Sparta to them.Dorey, The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge p. 133

For more information on these things refer to The Rose: Dogon Star Knowledge.